Ending world. Please stand by...
The World
Has Ended
for the

Thank you!

Are you fucking tired of the fucking world?

Do you want it to fucking end?

Put on your fucking earphones,

Turn the fucking volume up and


(Or press space if you're not in the mood
for moving your fucking mouse...)

This "software" is provided AS IS. You shall use it at your own risk and I shall not be held responsible for any hardware damage to your computer, any mental illness to you and/or your family, nor any hair loss of your dog.

The core of endworld.eu is jQuery with a custom theme from jQueryUI

The explosion sound was borrowed from SoundBible.com

I needed to split it into two files and normalise them to -3dB in order to synchronise the animation.

Good luck! Have fun!

Now stop reading this shit and go END THE FUCKING WORLD!!!